Cuff Bracelets

Inspired by rapidly changing technologies and the global fusion of culture, art, design and fashion, our original cuff bracelets are made in collaboration with prominent art and commercial photographers. Striking, with substantial visual punch, cuffs are both functional and practical.

Based on movement and line, with only a nod to the classics, these pieces refer to art world antecedents such as Dada Ready-mades, Minimalism and street photography. 

Stylish and highly ornamental, they satisfy a desire for adornment, while emphasizing thought and process. 

Manufactured locally from durable, environmentally friendly recycled, recyclable materials. Broad appeal to all genders, ages and wallets. A large aray of images insures a cuff for every taste. Cuffs can be viewed in the round or displayed as artwork. Custom designs are available using your logo, text and image. Material Matters cuffs are carried in museum and design stores.



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